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No Surprises.

These Frequently Asked Questions Tell All.
Q: Is this really free?
Absolutely. As I said in the video, I have enough wealth for 17 lifetimes. Now I'm sharing what made me rich. The Cobalt Code is the secret to my financial freedom, and to that of 23 other Cobalt millionaires. And I believe it shouldn't cost you a cent. So yes, the Cobalt Code is 100% free.
Q: But I don't know anything about Cobalt?
That's absolutely OK. Almost no one knows about Cobalt. That's why it made me rich... because I do know all about it! It was my life. That's what makes the Cobalt Code so effective. I'm GIVING you my knowledge for free, which means this WILL will work for you!
Q: Is this robotic binary trading?
No it's not. I send each and every signal myself. There is nothing robotic about the Cobalt Code, it is not a binary trading bot. My hard work and careful analysis goes into each and every trade the Cobalt Code makes. Every day I analyze the trends and send it to my Cobalt Code community That's what the Cobalt Code is about: Sharing my expertise and my wealth building knowledge of the Cobalt industry with you.
Q: Can I come try it later?
You can try, but spots are going fast. I can only handle a very small number of members at once. If you don't get your spot while this remains open, you never will. For this reason, I strongly recommend signing up now, while you have the chance.

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